Which Knee Brace Should I Wear for Moto?

One of the most effective pieces of protection for off road motorcycle sports are knee braces. Typically, most riders are looking for a knee brace that offers the highest level of protection, while also offering maximum comfort and freedom of movement. 

Our knee braces serve as an excellent preventative measure against serious injuries to the ACL, meniscus or MCL. Coming in at multiple price points, Leatt knee braces are certified medical devices offering CE certified impact protection for the kneecaps, whilst supporting the motion around your knees to reduce the risk of injury. 

C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Brace

The C-Frame knee brace features a super stiff, unique single-hinge design that ensures ultimate bike grip with a chassis that offers three-point force distribution. This certified medical device reduces forces, protects against impact, and has adjustable hyperextension limiters to reduce the risk of knee injuries to the ACL, Meniscus and MCL. The C-Frame chassis is designed to break before injuring your shin or thigh bone.  It also features a comfortable, low-profile shin plate to ensure you get a nice fit inside the boots.

C-Frame Hybrid Knee Brace

The C-Frame Hybrid retains the super stiff chassis for maximum control and protection but still comfortable – that is the essence of the mono hinge on the C-Frame Hybrid! The C-Frames three-point force distribution greatly reduces forces to the knee, thereby limiting knee injuries (ACL, Meniscus, and MCL) and makes it a vital piece of protective equipment. Lab-tested built-in fracture points make the C-Frame chassis to break before you injure your shin or thigh bone. You will love the super low-profile Carbon shin plate that fits perfectly inside your boots.

X-Frame Knee Brace

The X-Frame knee brace features a strong, light Injected carbon composite frame with asymmetrical hinges, this means the inner hinge is 40% slimmer for superior bike feel, while the outer hinge features metal gears for durability and precise movement. It is also a certified medical device designed to reduce forces to the knee and help prevent injuries to the ACL, Meniscus and MCL, through adjustable hyperextension limiters and It too offers CE certified impact protection for the kneecap. The low-profile shin bone pad fits inside all boots, and the strap system is comfortable and allows for easy fitting. The brace itself offers a customized fit with interchangeable hinge padding sizes.

X-Frame Hybrid Knee Brace

The X-Frame Hybrid knee brace uses the same injected carbon composite chassis as the X-frame, but what makes this brace special is the separate pull up sleeve with a CE impact certified impact gel knee cup and hard shell slider for ultimate comfort and less bulk in the knee area. It also has a 40% slimmer inner hinge for superior bike feel and metal geared outer hinge for precise movement and durability. Like the others, the X-Frame Hybrid is a certified medical device designed for the reduction of forces to limit knee injuries to the ACL, Meniscus and MCL, with CE certified impact protection using adjustable hyperextension limiters. The low-profile shin bone pad, strap system, customized fit and interchangeable hinge padding sizes offer incredible comfort and easy fitting.

Z-Frame Knee Brace

Featuring an injected composite chassis, with slim hinges for great bike feel and aluminum hinge covers for rigidity and endurance, this certified medical device reduces forces to limit knee injuries to the ACL, Meniscus and MCL. It has been CE tested and certified as impact protection for the kneecap and offers adjustable hyperextension limiters for ACL injury reduction. With a low-profile shin bone pad for excellent boot fit, comfortable, easy-fitting low-profile strap system and customized fit with interchangeable hinge padding sizes, comfort and freedom of movement are guaranteed.