After joining Leatt earlier this year, Chris Birch visited the Leatt headquarters in Cape Town. With two days of extraordinary riding, stunning visuals, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of our team in action, the video is not just about the Leatt gear: it's about celebrating the thrill of adventure.

Nature is always close-by in South Africa. You don’t need to look hard or far to come across a baboon, various birds, sea lions or snakes. It’s also very easy to “get lost” and travel into a vast nothingness. It’s the ideal destination for an adventure, in the true meaning of the word, and Leatt use this space as their testing ground for their Adventure and moto equipment.

Talking about the route, Chris says, “The scenery we’re riding through is beautiful, but it’s a harsh environment. If you have the wrong equipment or things go wrong, it’ll get awfully lonely out there.” 

Chris travelled to Cape Town for product meetings at Leatt HQ. The plan was to spend a few days working closely with Leatt product designers on the next generation of adventure products. Chris also had the opportunity to see first-hand how the Leatt Lab worked, where in-house testing is done and really understand how protection is at the core of every product design.

After the hard but incredibly insightful office work, it was time to play hard. The Leatt team were keen to head out for a ride with Chris – it is not every day you have the opportunity to ride with someone who has achieved so much in enduro and adventure riding. The plan was to show Chris where the staff enjoy a weekend out of the city – the Cederberg. Easily accessible and close to town, these vast gravel roads meandering through mountain passes deliver a high dose of adventure. Every moment highlights the sheer joy and freedom of off-road biking.