How to Clean My Protection Gear?

NO, you should not machine wash your protection!

We strongly advise against machine wash and the use of any type of chemicals or solvents; it will damage your protector and can significantly reduce the protection level.

How to Clean!

Follow the washing instructions that can be found printed on the product’s label. Leatt uses several different performance materials to manufacture our high-quality protectors and washing instructions may differ from one product to another.

If you have already referred to the instructions on the label of your protector and are still unsure of the washing procedure, please follow the advice below.

The best and safest way to clean your protector is by wiping it over with a damp cloth, any perforations should be cleaned with a damp soft brush.

Leatt Protectors with a MoistureCool body sock need extra care to maintain its function, remove the impact protection and handwash the body sock regularly, never use fabric softeners.

Leatt MoistureCool fabric has a unique moisture wicking function to keep you cool and dry, this works best if the fabric is not dirty, the function will not be maintained if washed with fabric softeners. 

In summary, these are the best rules to follow when cleaning your protection gear, if you want to keep it looking and performing as good as new.

Clean like a Pro:

 - Use damp cloth or/and soft brush

 - If needed hand washin cold water max 30°C (86°F)

 - If needed use mild washing liquid for hand wash

 - Dry in the shade


I promise: 

 - I will not machine wash my protection gear

 - I will not use:

 - Stain removers

 - Oxygenated detergents

 - Chemicals

 - Solvents

 - Bleach

 - Fabric softeners

 - I will not tumble dry

 - I will not iron

 - I will not use a pressure washer

 - I ride like a Pro and I can wash like a Pro!