Are Neck Braces Dangerous?

The best way to answer this question is by looking at the hard, cold facts. The Great Lakes EMS Action Sports Study provides real-world neck-brace statistics drawn from a substantial 10-year database.

Action Sports EMS is an ambulance service that caters to the amateur motocross industry in five US states. They work directly for the AMA, providing transport and care at events, and often attending to more than 1000 riders in one weekend.

Myth busting

Some of the horrific fallacies out there include the belief that neck braces can break your collarbone or upper back. The myth that neck braces can be dangerous has been completely dispelled by the Great Lakes study.

This extensive report provides real-world actual patient data, which serves as compelling proof that neck braces are a critical piece of safety gear for riders. With 9430 accidents recorded, an exponential improvement in rider safety was evident when wearing a neck brace in every instance.

Here are the main findings of the report.

For a link to their study, please click here. For our own in-house testing and data, please click here.